When you wish upon a star…fruit

Have you ever wished for a fruit that would be crisp like an apple, look like the star in SUPER MARIO and taste like Mountain Dew? Well guess what, your wish is granted. 


This little guy was delicious and it’s high in vitamins. It has lots of vitamin c, 50% of what you need for the day and its low in sugar and low in calories ( the lowest of all tropical fruits). If you live somewhere cold though you might not see these fruits because like my youngest daughter these fruits can not survive in freezing weather. You might not find these fruit depending on where you live but I would like to challenge you to eat something new, ask the guy in the produce section what’s good that few know about or just buy something different and then look up how to eat/prepare it when you get home. It’ll be fun. 
Funny story, I’ve been buying broccoli at the same table at the farmers market for over a year now and the lady behind the table always tells me it’s locally grown when I ask, but because of this eat local challenge we’re in I’m starting to ask more questions. So, my wife suggested to me that there’s no local broccoli grown in Hawaii so I go back to the table and start asking questions again. She says “yes it’s local” I say where is it grown? She says “I’m not sure “and then I notice some perfectly looking bright yellow apple bananas on her table and I ask are these local and of course she says yes. I look a little closer at the banana and there’s a sticker on them that says Ecuador, sigh. Locally grown bananas rarely look this perfect, our local bananas are delicious but usually look like the fell off a truck and bounced down the road before they are put on the table. 

Anyway I’ll still be hitting up her table every Wednesday because she seems like such a nice lady and her selection of fruits and vegetables are good quality. 

You know one of the things I like about shopping at farmers markets is knowing that my money goes directly to people and not huge corporations. One thing most people don’t realize is that even though the grocery store seems like it has a lot of different name brands on the shelves, behind it all is just a handful of global corporations that are creating these different company names to target specific groups of people. I’ll just leave it at that, look it up and see, look up what company owns one of the brands you buy and you might be surprised. 

I made a funny meme just as a joke, I love the family behind the table at the market where I shop and I’ll continue to support them. Have a nice day and shop locally…Brian


One thought on “When you wish upon a star…fruit

  1. Right on Brian. Magnum,p.i. only eats local fruit and veg! That was a serious lol! Let the healing begin, keep moving on, be more pennyless,stay always on permanent holiday,and never never give your money to a barber shop!!

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